Between Calpe and Moraira: Costa Blanca properties, villas,
cottages, plots and houses for sale in Benissa

The sea-shore by Benissa in the Costa Blanca

Benissa, a rural community of the Costa Blanca located half-way between Moraira and the well-known resort of Calpe, offers detached properties, cottages and villas with sea-view, oft on quite large plots, as well as restored (or sometimes to be restored) “fincas” (countryside houses), and plots of land. Many of these Costa Blanca properties offer an impressive panoramic view and sea views.

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Benissa Immobilien zwischen Moraira und Calpe an der Costa Blanca zu verkaufen, auf Deutsch
Costa Blanca back-country properties for sale in the Jalon Valley, in English
Constructible plot, mains connected, with some sea-view for sale in Benissa in the Costa Blanca
Fanadix: constructible plot of land, with electricity and water, some sea-view. 25% / 803 m² - 8,640 sq.ft. € 135,000.- (P-482)
Costa Blanca properties: constructible plot of land for sale in Benissa Campo, Costa Blanca
Campo: constructible plot of land, all mains connected, 6 km - 4 M. to the sea. 2,5% / 1 ha. - 2¾ acres. € 220,000.- (P-1553)
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Plot of land ready for building for sale in Benissa, Costa Blanca
Baladrar: plot of land with sea-view, mains connected, ready for building. 25% / 800 m² - 8,600 sq.ft. With built house: ≈ € 540,000.- (P-1064)
Plot for building a villa for sale in Benissa, Costa Blanca
Baladrar: plot with sea-view, ready to be built, water, sewage and electricity connected. 25% / 800 m² - 8,600 sq.ft. With villa: ≈ € 550,000.- (P-1062)
Constructible plot for sale in Benissa, Costa Blanca in Spain
Fustera: plot with sea-view, mains connected, ready for construction. 25% / 873 m² - 9,390 sq.ft. Without cottage: € 340,000.- (P-1065)
Constructible lot of land for sale in Benissa, Costa Blanca
Baladrar: ready to be built lot of land with sea-view, mains connected. 25% / 1200 m² - 12,910 sq.ft. With built home: ≈ € 600,000.- (P-1063)
  Costa Blanca: large property for sale in Benissa Montemar
Montemar: detached property with guests apartment, 3 bedr., 2 bathr., sw.-pool, BBQ, carport, nice sea view, C/H. 200 / 750 m² - 2152 / 8070 sq.ft. € 270,000.- (V−1865)
Two apartments cottage with sea-view for sale in Benissa, Costa Blanca
Fustera: 2 apartments cottage, 4 bedr., 3½ bathr., C/H, swimming-pool, sea-view. 160 / 800 m² - 1720 / 8600 sq.ft. € 407,000 325,000.- (V−1143)
Costa Blanca property purchase: full comfort detached villa for sale in Benissa
Fanadix: new like villa, sea-view, 4 bedr., 3½ bathr., carport, sw.-pool, C/H, A/C, ADSL, alarm. 140/841 m² - 1500 / 9050 sq.ft. € 375,000 339,000.- (V−1508)
Costa Blanca: villa for sale in Benissa, with second apartment, away from prying eyes
Montemar: villa with second apartment, 4 bedr., 3 bathr., large summer kitchen, sw.-pool, away from prying eyes. 230 / 790 m² - 2475 / 8500 sq.ft. € 425,000 380,000.- (V−1634)
Large Costa Blanca property for sale in Benissa Fanadix
Fanadix: large four apartments (plus studio) property, 9 bedr., 6 bathr., C/H, sea view, sw.-pool, BBQ, garages, carport. 270 / 2000 m² - 2905 sq.ft. / ½ acre, € 435,000.- (V−1890)
Spain, Costa Blanca: finca for sale, big plot, quietness
Pedramala: new like finca on a big plot, 4 bedr., 3½ bathr., C/H, part A/C, ADSL, big plot, sw.-pool, garage, views, quietness, orchard. 340 m² + terr. / 1 ha - 3650 sq.ft. / 2½ acre, € 520,000.- (V−1824)
Property suitable for the use of a wheelchair Full comfort Costa Blanca gentleman's residence with sea-view for sale in Benissa
La Fustera: gentleman's residence, 5 bedr., 2 bathr., C/H, A/C, sea-view, swimming-pool, fountain, garage. 330 / 800 m² - 3550 / 8600 sq.ft. € 650,000.- (V−1416)

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