What is a “carnotzet” ?

The French-Swiss word “carnotzet” defines a room beside the wine cellar, and sometimes below, where people (usually belonging to the male gender) gather to scientifically sample the cellar wine. Among the female gender, there are some rumors and complaints that the men go to the carnotzet to evaluate their vineyards nectar after the dinner, while the ladies stay above to wash the dishes. Men of course have an entirely different version of the story.

Anyway, they may happen to get very enthusiastic about the results of their discoveries, and start singing… quite loud. The carnotzet location below the ground allows no false note to escape from this fine experimental work in progress and assures a definite quietness in the neighbourhood.

Should you see the closing button twice below, this may be interpreted by the fact that you now exactly know the meaning of the word carnotzet.

Hips… how d'd'do I cl.. cl…close thas window ?