Bargain properties and reduced prices in Spain: affordable real estate for sale by INSERT

Right… I will not make true sales with a real estate catalogue, but I picked a few bargain properties, villas, apartments or houses, for sale at reduced prices, really affordable, offering in the current market an excellent price / quality ratio. And even the prices in Spain now no longer decrease, the purchaser of one of these properties is sure to get “good value for his money”, when purchasing a bargain Spanish property.

Now even if the price is very reasonable, these properties have been checked like any other, and do not present any hidden defect, which could make up for a price lower than any other property in Spain. Here are these bargain Spanish properties for sale at reduced prices, of which neither me nor my correspondents on the spot understand why they are not yet sold.

And when it comes to a cheap Spanish properties: you may find other excellent deals in Spanish real estate in the general catalogue, here: INSERT real estate catalogue in Spain, and in particular on this page: Properties for sale in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, southern Costa Blanca. Many more would deserve to be posted here.

PS: About “Spanish bank repossessions and repossessed property bargains”, please also check our FAQ before thinking further: Property seizures from bank in Spain: is it really a good deal?. AFTER, you may go ahead or... decide not to.

Last updated: March 21st, 2018 - For a complete description, click the picture below:


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