Flowered almond trees in the Jalon Valley, Costa Blanca

The almond trees blossom in February

The Alcalali village in the Jalon Valley, surrounded by flowered almond trees

The Alcalali village in the Jalon Valley, in the middle of flowered almond trees

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An almond tree flower: detail

Detail of an almond tree flower

A blossomed almond trees orchard

Flowered almond trees orchard

A flourished almond tree

An almond tree covered with flowers

A flowered almond tree branch, with its flower-buds

An almond tree branch with its flower-buds

BACK TO: In February, we have the flowered almond trees. But prior to that, we had the mimosa, in January. In March, we will have the cherry-trees. This is the constantly renewed landscape that the Jalon Valley can offer, in the Costa Blanca countryside, less than 30 minutes away from the Mediterranean beaches.

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