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What will I do with your e-mail address ?

  1. According to the the best of my knowledge, I'll answer your question, or send you the requested information.
  2. If you ask me to present you an object, I'll also send you information about similar products, as soon as I know about their existence, before they are entered into the catalogue; this may happen once a month, not more.
  3. I won't spam you: I have no time for this. I promise.
  4. I won't send you any representative: I don't have any.
  5. At most once or twice a year, I may phone you if an exceptional opportunity arises, and if I have your phone number. It seldom happens.
  6. I will not sell or distribute your address to anybody, unless you have given me your express approval to do so.
  7. I may have to give your address away in only one case: when I have to organise a meeting with an INSERT's correspondent. My correspondents' privacy policy is the same as mine.
  8. In short words, you run absolutely no risk when giving me your e-mail address. Further on, I undertake to respect any other restrictions about the use of your e-mail address you should wish to state.
Jacques Gaillard

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