First published on July 31st, 2010

A frequently asked question:

What is the exact address of this property ?

…for I would like to discover it on “Google Earth™”.

To this frequently asked question, I can only answer negatively for several reasons.

On one hand, we are committed to a data protection toward the owner. We commit to advertise the sale of his property, we have to accompany prospective buyers on the spot to show them the real estate properties that interest them, and we do it with pleasure and without any obligation for our visitors, but we do not have the right to give an exact address to persons whose identity has not been verified, and we have not met personally.

Furthermore, we often exhibit these Spanish properties in a very detailed way, with many photos that show their exact content. This could give ideas to some unscrupulous visitor looking for addresses of villas or apartments, often empty. This safety criterion alone is sufficient to justify our refusal to provide addresses.

Eventually, let us be honest, there is also the protection of our commission, i.e. our income: it has happened in the past that "clients" informed of an address contacted the owner directly, wishing to avoid agency fees. This is the reason why we ask our visitors to sign a "visit voucher" kind of of "receipt for our work." This document, committing its signatory to nothing, certifies that the prospective buyer is aware of the details of a property thank to our company and services.

For all these reasons, exception made of very few cases, I am not authorized to provide the addresses of the properties shown in the INSERT catalogue and actually, most of times, I do not even know them.

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