First published 17th of June 2003
Update: March 26th, 2009

INSERT 's copyright policy

I hate to do that, since I always have relied on a certain “netiquette”, but since I saw some of our very pictures posted on web-sites without authorisation, I have to do it; so, here is my copyright policy.

The following conditions apply to the integrity of the following web sites, with or without “www.”:

  2. http://www.insertcasa.vom

Electronic uses, web pages, data communication or whatsoever similar use

PICTURES: all the pictures contained in the above mentioned sites are copyrighted, either by INSERT in Madrid, or by partners. Out of the INSERT correspondents network, permission to reproduce single pictures free of royalties can be granted at our sole discretion. The permission has to be applied for, specifying the intended use, by e-mail. We usually answer within less than 24 hours.

For educational purposes or other non-commercial uses, you may integrate a picture into your web-site simultaneously to the sending of the permission application, so as to allow us to evaluate the concept. A link to the original page would be appreciated.

In the cases the permission is not granted, or granted only under special conditions, the applicant commits to remove the related picture from his web site or to implement such special conditions within 48 hours after we notified the denegation or specified conditions.

TEXTS: provided no risk of duplicate content arises, I see no reason why I should turn you down, but please always apply for a permission before copying my texts. In return, I will give you some suggestions so as to avoid duplicate content.

FRAMING: is allowed to search engines and similar activities only (if you do not know what framing is, you run no risk to do that; and if you know how to do that, you know what it is :-)

Printing and other non electronic use

The authorisation to print of course is granted to our customers. For a different use, please apply, describing the intended use. Do not print texts or pictures before receiving our permission. On request, we can also supply larger pictures formats, free of charge for educational purposes or other non-commercial uses. We really answer quickly.

Case of copyright violation

A violation of our copyright will result in taking all measures we consider appropriate, be they of legal or non-classic nature, the latter being for instance the publication of a list of copyright violators.

Madrid, March 26th, 2009. J. Gaillard