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In order to visit a property in Spain with INSERT, a prior appointment is needed; more information here. I am not travelling right now and should be able to reply within the coming hours, 24 hours at most. To contact me:


The most direct contact. By clicking here: jgaillard@insertcasa.com, your e-mail program should open, my address will be correct, and I will also receive your e-mail address free of errors. My privacy policy about e-mail addresses is here (new window).

And you might find the answer to your question in my F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions, new window).

E-mail „spare wheel”:

About 1.3% of the e-mails get lost. Should you receive no answer within 24 hours, please send your message again, to my other address: Anti-spam GIF (please hand copy, I do not want this address to be caught by spamming robots).


Should you for any reason not be in a position to send an e-mail, (browsing from a web cafe for instance) you alternately can use the form on the bottom of this page (new window), which you can complete and send.


We are selling houses, not irons, and you are about to ask questions about a property worth one or many hundred thousands euro. This is why I prefer the e-mail, which leaves me time to give you a precise and adequate answer. But of course, I commit to friendly answer to the telephone. Here is my land line, from the U.K.: 020 3000 79 80 (BT's national call rate in the UK), or from anywhere else, land line +34 911 550 830 (sometimes poor line) or +34 639 647 665 (mobile phone), or (xx-sim: +37 254 604 880). Preferably phone from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. or from 4.30 until 8.30 p.m. (CET) until Saturday 2 p.m. If you give me a land line number, I will gladly phone you back.


Eventually, right now, you cannot write me: where I have temporarily settled, the postman sometimes comes … or not. It seems, he brings only registered mail, and I'm not even sure:

Carrer Fénix 38A
ES - 03700 Denia


I had an old fax, but I gave it away, sorry.

I will be glad to answer your questions. J. Gaillard

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