So as to visit a Spanish property with INSERT a prior appointment guarantees a visit in good conditions

To visit a Spanish property with INSERT, a prior appointment (at least one week notice or even more) is necessary. We often need to get a key from a gardener “somewhere in the wild”, or when we have the key, verify that the property is in good condition and that the owner has not changed one or two locks forgetting to tell us, or agree the appointment with an owner present, who will wish to do some cleaning before your visit, etc.

Where appropriate, an appointment lost due to volcano sneezes, road impassable or lack of glycol to thaw airplanes at airports, is perfectly understandable. Thank you for advising the correspondent concerned as soon as possible, to the phone number that was provided. But to receive you right away, on the very day you arrive, is impossible in 99% of cases, sometimes simply because the INSERT correspondent already has appointments scheduled during the full week. And we would regret not being able to make your acquaintance.

The appointment can be agreed by the means proposed in the contact page, and I will be glad to answer. J. Gaillard